Pre arrival docs

Please find hereunder the requisite pre arrival docs:

Crew list (including crew member's passport number) in excel or word form

Safety management cert (in pdf form)

CSR (Continuous Synopsis Record Cert.)

IOPP certificate + IOPP supplement (in pdf form)

Civil liability fr bunkers oil pollution damage cert (in pdf form)

P&I certificate (in pdf form)

Registry cert

Security cert (ISPS cert)

VSL's particulars


Last paris m.o.u. inspection (date & place)

Cargo documents

Master's mob. number

VSL's eta

VSL’S EORI number:

Eori number is requested by european union tax system for all the owner companies and for agents and for receivers or shippers prior vessel arrival in order to fill up ens formalities online for all european countries and eori number of all parties is requested.These formalities are needed for preparing the release of the cargo at customs. The Eori number is valid for all european countries.