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Samoutis Navigation is established as one of the most reliable and experienced shipping company in Greece. Being in business since 1976, the company has become a modern enterprise following the trends and technological developments in business practice in the shipping world. In accordance with your needs we organise deliveries of collective, complete and partial shipments.

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We stand by our service

We provide our best services to our clients based on Honesty, Intergrity and Value, confronting effectively any possible problems which may be provoked.

Solid reputation, concrete results

Well known in shipping world

We are very well introduced with all the shipyard management and generally in the shipping world and we can assure you that no one better than us can minimize expenses without compromising our reputation for excellence. We make our best to serve our customers with professionalism. We are in position to meet your requirements successfully with your entire satisfaction.

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The specialized and skillful personnel has main purpose the satisfaction of our clients and we are committed to provide high quality services to the shipping industry, by continuously meeting all international rules and regulations, whilst fulfilling every customer’s demands.

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    We provide marine transportation services on behalf of our clients by managing vessels of various types and sizes with direct control. We manage only high quality vessels, well equipped with specialized crew in order to carry a big variety of cargoes avoiding any delays or problems.


    Our dominance in shipping sector is based on our knowledge and our long-term experience providing our clients a guaranteed and insured trade. Our team is able to manage risks more effectively and economically, assisting our clients with bespoke solutions to meet their particular operational needs.


    We closely follow the developments and changes in shipping market and remain focused on sustainability adopting highest standards of a full range of maritime services in order to provide an accurate, immediate and efficient support in Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea, Continent and Black Sea.


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