Chartering and Ship Brokering

Chartering and Ship Brokering constitute a highly specialized discipline and needless to say it forms an integral portion of the global shipping industry.

Our competitive chartering and brokering activities are focused on negotiating and concluding periodic charters for vessels of all types. We are staffed by experienced brokers and managers and one of the major factors behind our success in this area has been our absolute commitment to delivering high quality service and maximizing potential earning in the most effective manners . We have main aim to satisfy our clients, through our broaden network of close personal contacts it maintains, both ship owners and ship charterers, with whom we are dealing with since many years. Furthermore, we are the direct brokers for a considerable number of vessels, who are trading mostly at Black Sea range, Mediterranean, Aegean, Adriatic sea and Continent destinations.

Our continuous analysis of market trends and close watch on emerging opportunities in a rapidly changing environment allow us to offer up-to-date advice to our Principals.